Elsa Jean begs her stepdad for good sex

Naughty Elsa Jean begs her stepdad to let her sleep with him since she’s scared from watching a movie. Little did he know that she wanted more then just a comfort nap. She seduces him and quickly jumps onto his cock to make sure he didn’t change his mind. Watch her give him a great cock-sucking and fucking! Her tight pussy looks great wrapped around his cock from multiple positions until she gets to swallow his load.

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Our Little White Plaything

Elsa Jean needs money for college, and Osa Lovely needs help around the house. This hot, ebony housewife is more than happy to hire Elsa as her personal maid. Every day Elsa comes over and does whatever Osa asks. She soon realizes Elsa will do anything for the right price, so she tells the teen to start cleaning naked. Elsa isn’t sure, but she’s a good girl. Osa loves watching the tight, white teen scrub her floors. One day Osa’s husband Flash comes home early, and that’s when the real fun begins…

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Elsa Jean Gets Busted

Elsa Jean was on the phone planning a night out partying with her dad’s new car. The problem is that she didn’t have permission to use the car, she doesn’t have a license, and her stepbrother was spying on her. All of the sudden she was very nice and apologetic, but her stepbrother wasn’t having it. She’s always mean to him, so he decided to get his revenge. He told her to take off her clothes. She slowly and shyly obeyed revealing her fit sexy body. Then he had her open her legs on the bed so he could check out her tight shaved pussy. She acted timid, but once he touched her pussy, she was really wet. As in, she must have liked what was going on, so she admitted she was horny and wanted to fool around. She got exactly what she wanted. They both did. Stepbrother got to have his dick sucked by his stepsister, and then pound her wet pussy, and Elsa got fucked like a rag doll till she tasted her stepbrother’s cum. I’m sure they will be much nicer to each other from now on!

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